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"My 10 day Tantra Mastery course with Charles Muir and Leah Alchin is the most profound healing I have ever encountered. I consider myself a seeker. I have spent over a decade in the healing arts as a career path and as a source of well-being in my own life. In almost every class I have attended someone says "This will change your life". Few have. Point is, I have tried more than a few styles of healing.

To experience this overly sexualized area of the body as a temple, instead of having something “done to it” was just the first of many gems in this process. Our bodies have such intelligence and not so shockingly a HUGE chunk of it lives in our sexual center.

I am forever grateful for the multilevel process in which this seminar is supported. There is an awakening that must take place in you first - which is supported by having adequate lab time and homework. All of the teachers make themselves available to share and listen along the way also. Thus creating a “safety net” which lends to the ability to have a deeper loving experience with self and others.

The in-class demos were mind blowing. It was an honor to be part of the container being created for another to heal.

I felt that this CTE training was perfectly balanced with sharing information, demos and applied time with enough non-class time for integration, sessions with the staff healers, or enjoying the incredible redwoods..." -
Kylene from NC

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Prerequesite: Beginners Weekend Seminar
11-Day Advanced Mastery Course
Prerequesite: CTE Level 1
11-Day Advanced Mastery Course
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11-Day Advanced Mastery Course
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