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Skip Cummins, CTE
Tantra Teacher

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To awaken and empower women and their partners by introducing them to the incredible divine feminine energies, beauty, love, power, pleasure and bliss within them.

Women and their partners

Didactic & Experiential Tantra Education
Tantra Awakening & Empowerment Sessions

Dana Point / Orange County, CA

• Los Angeles, CA
• Dallas, TX
• Houston, TX
• Austin, TX
• New York, NY
• Long Island, NY

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Product Description
Skip Cummins - Level 2 Certified Tantra Educator

Skip is a certified Tantra educator and former entrepreneur, venture capitalist, public company CEO, and neuroscience pioneer. As founder of Shiva Tiger Tantra, Skip brings a unique background to Tantra. He is widely credited with pioneering modern science regarding the vagus nerve—one of the neurological explanations for the power of Tantra.

Skip was raised by his grandmother, a devout Southern Baptist, in a small town in western Pennsylvania. Skip earned his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, where he distinguished himself as an All-Ivy football player. He then went on to get an MBA in Finance from the University of Illinois and help build a major venture capital firm. In 1995, he became CEO of Cyberonics, where he led the commercialization of a revolutionary device-based therapy - Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) - for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy and treatment-resistant depression.

Cyberonics, under Skip's leadership, improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and its public market value increased dramatically. Skip also earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Epilepsy Foundation. Despite these accomplishments, completely false options backdating allegations ended his corporate career.

Today, five years into his personal awakening and empowerment journey, including 2.5 years of Tantra study under Tantra Master Charles Muir and Leah, TJ, Lisa, and Judith at Source Tantra, Skip continues to pursue his passion of empowering people with vagus nerve stimulation, now through the ancient art of Tantra. He helps women and their partners unburden past trauma and negativity, become masterful lovers, and experience and utilize the extraordinary beauty, love, freedom, power, pleasure, and bliss within them like never before.

Skip's training and certifications include Source Tantra CTE 2, CTE 1, two Beginners' Weekends and a 3-day VIP Full Immersion Program with Leah Alchin.

Website: www.tigertantra.com
Email: skip@tigertantra.com
Phone: 512-539-8701

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