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The following Certified Tantra Educators® (CTEs) have been certified by the Source School of Tantra Yoga as having the necessary skills to provide quality, professional Tantra instruction to individuals, couples, and groups. This unique, trademarked certification process verifies these students have completed several months of direct instruction over several years in advanced Tantra practices, principles, practical applications, and professional teaching techniques.

The intensive training regimen conducted by Source School of Tantra Yoga is designed to ensure all CTEs receive the best Tantra training available in America today. This training presents the art of Tantra in a competent, professional, and respectful manner and incorporates the Muir's approach, which is an original, sophisticated blend of ancient and modern techniques of Tantra yoga.

To find a CTE in your area, open up their state/region in the table on the left or view the complete listing of the instructors by clicking the link underneath. You can then email or call the instructor directly or visit their website. Teachers who travel to multiple regions are listed in up to three states.


DISCLAIMER. Source School of Tantra Yoga does not endorse any seminar, workshop, or session not directly produced or conducted by Charles Muir. The certification title "CTE" acknowledges only that the certificate holder has completed the certification program. Those who hold this certification are generally accepted by Source School of Tantra Yoga to have all the necessary skills and training required to teach Tantra theories and practices independently. Charles Muir and/or Source School of Tantra Yoga are not responsible for the individual actions of any CTE or any claims which may result from action or teaching provided by graduates of Source School of Tantra Yoga CTE courses. The title CTE (Certified Tantra Educator and Certified Tantric Educator) are registered trademarks of Charles G. Muir, Source School of Tantra Yoga. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use of these trademarks is a violation of law.