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Want to become a Source Tantra affiliate?

Would you like to share the joy and spiritual adventure of Tantra Yoga by promoting the Source School of Tantra Yoga seminars and products, and get paid commission for your referrals? It's easier than you might think!

Do you have a website or newsletter, or an email list of people who would love to know more about Tantra Yoga? Because if you do, then each and every one of those people is a potential buyer of Source Tantra products and seminars that can put extra cash in your pocket! They win. Our seminars win. And you win!

Everybody benefits.

The concept is simple. You sign up to be an affiliate, and we'll give you a unique URL (web address) along with small banner ads with attractive artwork (if you choose to use them), and all of these are “tagged” to you specifically. Then you use these links and banner ads on your web site, in your newsletter, or in e-mails.

Any product that is purchased during a visitor's stay after they click one of your links is credited to YOU. It doesn't matter if they buy the product they originally landed on or not!

Let's talk percentages

You're probably wondering just how much money you can make as an affiliate. We are happy to offer a generous 15% COMMISSION on every product sold via our website, including seminars! Here are a few common examples:

1. A visitor you referred buys $70 worth of DVDs and personal products.
• Your commission = $10.50

2. A visitor you referred signs up for a Beginners Seminar for $595.
• Your commission = $89.25

CLICK HERE to apply to become an Affiliate of Source School of Tantra Yoga