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At Source School of Tantra Yoga we have a wide variety of event types to meet your needs wherever you are along the path. The Beginners Weekend Seminar is the most common starting point for new students - a Friday night through Sunday night weekend course for singles & couples of all skills levels. There is no nudity in class or partnering required.

For those looking to become Certified Tantra Educators and teach tantra to others, the required course hierarchy is as follows:

1. Beginners Weekend Seminar
2. CTE Level 1 (after graduating, you will receive our "Teacher in Training" status)
3. CTE Level 2 (after graduating, you will receive our "Certified Tantra Educator" status)

Graduating any CTE course is subject to review and not guaranteed. Peer reviews of healing sessions are factored into the decision to be made about certification on an individual basis.

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Beginners Weekend Seminars CTE Level 1 - Tantra Mastery Course CTE Level 2 - Tantra Teacher Training

Friday - Sunday, Weekend Seminar
All Skill Levels | For Couples & Singles
Prerequesite: Beginners Weekend Seminar
11-Day Advanced Mastery Course
Prerequesite: CTE Level 1
11-Day Advanced Mastery Course
CTE Level 3 - Tantra Teacher Training Esalen - Couples Vacation Seminar Goddess Weekend Seminars
Prerequesite: CTE Level 2
11-Day Advanced Mastery Course

For Couples Only. Packages & dates vary.

Friday - Sunday, Weekend Seminar
For Women Only!
Intermediate Weekend Seminars New York Intermediate Weekend Seminar Thailand Vacation Seminar - A Meeting of the Masters

Friday - Sunday, Weekend Seminar
Prereq: Beginners Seminar
| For Couples & Singles

October 19-21, 2018 - Weekend Seminar
Prereq: Beginners Seminar | For Couples & Singles

11-Day Tantra Vacation Seminar With Tantra Master
Charles Muir & Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia